Five Signs That Signal Your Dispute Is Headed to Court


Five Signs That Signal Your Dispute Is Headed to Court

If you are experiencing disputes with anyone, you must understand the cause of the dispute. In this case, you will need to seek legal help to resolve it.

None of us wish to go to court, and settling before a trial can save time or money for both sides; however, in some cases, litigation is an inevitable part of doing business, or living life. Business ventures can be especially vulnerable to lawsuits, whether you go into a financial agreement with your best friend or someone you don’t know well but has similar interests. Either relationship can turn sour, making lawsuits something to consider.

Signs that court may be in your future

  • Your client lodges a formal complaint with an organization. A complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau or another organization such as the medical board in your state is a good sign that it is going to be difficult to create a more positive interaction with that client. A disgruntled former employee may also contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, putting everything your business does under scrutiny.
  • Your client makes threats about calling a lawyer. If a client yells, “You’ll be hearing from my attorney!” as they storm out the door after an unsatisfactory meeting, they may or may be planning legal action. However, in most cases, when a person says they will be calling their attorney, it’s best to prepare for contact with that client’s attorney as if it were more than an idle threat. If you think that they plan on putting in a call to their attorney, pick up the phone and call your own attorney.
  • If your client’s previous attorney threats didn’t seem serious, advising you to talk to their attorney makes threat a reality. If a customer tells you to talk to their attorney instead of communicating with you directly to resolve your dispute, their legal team has likely been hired, and you can expect to be juggling deposition dates shortly.
  • Communication has stopped. If your client refuses to take your calls and is not willing to take one final opportunity to negotiate a way out of a trip to a courtroom, they have most likely made the decision to sue, and they will save any negotiations for a trial jury.

These warning signs can be as helpful as Paul Revere’s midnight ride, alerting you to the threat of litigation as effectively as Revere informed militia from Boston to Lexington that it was time to gather their numbers to face the British. Knowledge allows you to be proactive, and these five instances can serve as important warning signs that will keep you from being in the dark.

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