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Employment Law

Employment attorneys advise both employees and employers on the legal standards set by the government under which they are employed. Employment lawyers can offer employees explanations of their rights, advise businesses on compliance law, and help employees file complaints where needed.

When employees do not receive the compensation to which they are entitled, employment lawyers can ensure that they receive their wages. Beyond this, employment lawyers can help ensure you are working under the right classification to receive the most appropriate wages for the type of employment in which you are engaged.

Employment Law

Employment attorneys are also trained to help clients who believe they have been the victim of wrongful termination, such as an employee who has taken legal time off and still found their employment at risk. They are further trained to read through employment contracts and advise employees of their rights thereunder.

Employment attorneys are trained to help businesses through the process of terminating an unsatisfactory employee. This process can be arduous and include a lot of legal twists and turns–an employment attorney can help you make sure that you have checked all of the proper boxes and worked through the proper channels.

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When employees find themselves experiencing problems at work, a good employment lawyer can advise them of their rights to form a union. On the other hand, employment lawyers can advise employers of their rights regarding union workers.

Fernald & Zaffos represents both employers and employees in all manner of labor and employment disputes. In representing both employers and employees, Fernald & Zaffos brings a unique perspective to employment related issues. We assist employers in managing their risk through proper documentation and employment procedures. We also advise employers on specific employment matters and conduct employment related investigations. We also litigate employment disputes in the arbitration setting as well as state and federal courts.

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