Technology Law


Technology Law

Technology law is one of the broadest and fasting emerging forms of law out there! Technology law can pertain to laws regarding computers, smartphones and tablets, still yet it could pertain to communications law, or even laws that pertain to inventions, such as patent law.

Some technology lawyers do what many consider to be more traditional legal work. They negotiate details and manage the transactional details of business dealings to ensure that their company retains the upper hand. On the other hand, patent prosecution lawyers gain a technical background in the field in which they represent clients. Thus, they are best equipped to help draft and defend patent applications. IP lawyers learn a different specialty and are skilled contract lawyers who ensure that copyrights and trademarks are well defended.

Technology Law

Technology lawyers exist to answer a broad array of questions. You might retain a technology lawyer to understand the fine print of a licensing agreement on a piece of software your company intends to use. You may also seek legal advice on your liability and responsibility regarding the safe use of any technology you manufacture or distribute. Still yet, you may need to develop an effective contract before entering a partnership to work with another technology developer.

Technology Law

It is important that all technology businesses protect themselves with legal counsel to ensure that proper copymark, trademark, and patent protections are in place. It is also critical that license agreements are put in place to ensure that clients use a business’ technology appropriately.

Fernald & Zaffos Group has represented multiple software and web developers over the years in civil disputes arising out of their work. Our attorneys can assist at the beginning in preparing agreements that help protect technology firms from frivolous claims. When a claim arises, we assist clients with obtaining insurance coverage and ultimately with defending the claim. We have successfully tried a number of software and web development disputes to verdict.

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