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Companies who move goods trust Fernald & Zaffos for legal and business-planning guidance related to their logistics, transportation, and supply chain business. Whether you need contracts drafted, corporate formation, restructuring, or logistics business advice, you deserve the finest in legal services. At Fernald & Zaffos, we understand that success in the logistics business is about risk mitigation and proper planning.

We know that the logistics and transportation business is constantly changing. With that, you have to be concerned with local, state and federal laws, licensing, permits, environmental issues, personal injury lawsuits, insurance concerns and liability claims which can quickly escalate to litigation, and at Fernald & Zaffos we can advise you in all of these areas.

If you have found your company becoming involved with litigation, now is the time to enlist our professional and experienced team. Fernald & Zaffos is experienced in arbitration, investigations, administration hearings, compliance, damage claims and employment policy. We will support your logistics and transportation business at every turn so that you can keep your business moving.

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