Insurance Law


Insurance Law

Insurance is “a contract in which one party agrees to indemnify another against a predefined category of risks in exchange for a premium.”

Insurance law, it would stand, is the body of law pertaining to insurance, including the fine print of insurance policies, claims, regulations, and rates. Whether you are a company looking to operate within the insurance industry, a consumer looking to understand the content of your insurance policy, or someone seeking legal evaluation of how a claim was handled, Fernald & Zaffos can confidently ensure that you are getting the protection most aligned to your needs.

Insurance Law

We can assist with policies pertaining to every conceivable contingency. These include personal property insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and in rare cases, identify theft insurance. Interestingly, insurance law regulates many aspects of the consumer’s experience, including what premiums can be charged and penalties for bad faith practices.

Life Insurance Policy Sigining

Bad faith practices can occur when insurance companies do not offer reasonable coverage of policy benefits or fail to manage claims within a reasonable time frame after a loss has occurred. All circumstances are different. If you think you have grounds for a bad faith insurance claim, we recommend that you reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can begin to remedy the situation on your behalf. Such remedies may include damages, including policy benefits and interests. In select cases, it is also possible to recover economic losses, emotional distress, and attorney’s fees.

In addition to wrangling with insurers on behalf of their clients, Fernald & Zaffos attorneys represent some of the largest insurance brokerages nationwide. We understand insurance and are well-equipped to assist clients in obtaining coverage for claims. In addition, we regularly represent insurance brokers, who are often targeted as “insurers” of last resort when a claim is denied.

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