Why You Need to Hire an Insurance Lawyer for a Claim

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Why You Need to Hire an Insurance Lawyer for a Claim

Did you know one in 20 insured homes has a homeowner’s insurance claim each year?

Whether you need to file a home or medical insurance claim, don’t rush the process. Instead, you should consider requesting the help of an insurance lawyer first.

With an experienced insurance lawyer at your side, you can streamline the process. Here are five situations you can avoid by hiring an insurance claim lawyer to take your case.

1. The Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

An insurance company might deny your claim without explanation or a good reason. In these instances, they’re not only causing you stress; they’re also in violation of the law.

If you’re filing a unique insurance claim, your provider will need to provide a valid reason for denying the claim.

The law requires insurance companies to act in good faith. They’re supposed to assume your priority when filing a claim is to cover the costs related to your issue. The insurance company shouldn’t assume you’re trying to make money on your claim.

Are you a good customer in good standing and you pay your bills on time? If so, you shouldn’t have an issue with your claim. The insurance company should process your claim quickly and efficiently based on good faith.

However, if they make it difficult or deny your claim outright, you could need an insurance claim lawyer.

Did the insurance company provide a good reason for denying your claim? If not, call your insurance lawyer. They can review your claim and assess the situation.

If the insurance company is in violation of the law, they can help get your claim approved.

2. Delayed Payments

98% of homeowners insurance claims are related to property damage, including theft or weather-related damages.

You need to get your insurance claim approved in order to cover these damages.

If there’s a giant hole in your roof, you can’t wait around while the insurance company delays your payments.

When you signed your policy, you and the insurance company should have agreed on a time period regarding your claims. If the company delays payments beyond this time period, you could have grounds for a suit.

Make sure the insurance company provides a legal explanation for the delay.

If they don’t, contact your insurance claim lawyer.

Each state sets a different limit that requires insurance companies to resolve claims within a specific time frame. If the insurance company takes forever to respond, your attorney can determine why there’s a delay.

When you submit your claim, the insurance company should inform you if they require more documentation or information.

They should also keep you informed regarding the status of your claim. If they make you wait, they might hope you’ll give up on the claim altogether.

Contacting an insurance lawyer can ensure these delays don’t go unaddressed.

3. Payout Refused for Fraudulent Reasons

Is your insurance company refusing to pay your claim for a reason you know isn’t inaccurate? If so, the insurance company is acting in violation of the law. In other words, you have grounds for a lawsuit.

When this occurs, many people feel powerless. They don’t think to fight against the reason the insurance company gave for refusing the claim. Instead of accepting the insurance company’s response, contact your insurance claim lawyer.

In some cases, the insurance company might incorrectly identify your issue. This could cause you to receive less than you’re owed.

Your insurance company might also offer less than they know you deserve. This is also a violation of federal and state laws.

Consider hiring an insurance attorney before you make your claim. Their experienced approach can help you define what you’re owed, so you know what to expect from the insurance company.

4. Unexpected Termination

Did you make an insurance claim and find out your policy was unexpectedly cut off? If so, make sure to contact your insurance lawyer. You’ll need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up paying out of pocket to cover your bills.

It’s illegal for your insurance company to terminate your policy without warning. They also need to have a good reason for this unexpected termination.

Did they claim your policy ended right after you filed a claim? If so, this is a red flag. Don’t wait to contact your insurance attorney.

This type of response from an insurance company is unethical. Remember, your insurance company is supposed to act in good faith. It’s illegal for the insurance company to deceive you by terminating your policy with a warning or explanation.

Your insurance claim lawyer can contact the insurance company. Then, they’ll determine why the claim was unexpectedly terminated. With their help, you can get the issue sorted out and get your claim approved.

5. The Insurance Company Sent an Attorney

In some cases, the insurance company might ask you to speak with their attorney.

Before you do, make sure to contact your insurance lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t speak to your insurance company’s lawyer without your own representation present.

Chances are, the insurance company is trying to build a case. They’ll have you speak on the record, which could lead you to either incriminate yourself or invalidate your claim.

The insurance company only has their best interests in mind. They can take what you say and turn it into a counter suit.

Your insurance lawyer will have your best interests in mind. They’ll coach you on what to say so you can avoid incriminating yourself.

Make a Claim: Why You Need to Hire an Insurance Lawyer for a Claim

Before you make an insurance claim, make sure to call your lawyer. An experienced insurance lawyer can help you avoid these situations and make sure you receive the payout you deserve.

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