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Maritime Law

Maritime law is the body of law that governs private maritime businesses and other nautical matters, such as shipping and other disputes that occur on the water. As a form of law that involves a strict set of international rules, maritime law is one of the oldest and most complex forms of law.

Life as a sailor can be challenging in more ways than one. Despite experience and safety precautions, accidents happen while at sea. Because of this, seamen have some of the most detailed insurance policies on the market. Maritime law governs the maintenance of such insurance policies and in the event of a work-related accident, a maritime lawyer can ensure that you do not suffer from outrageous healthcare expenses.

Maritime Law

Likewise, civilians can sustain injuries on ships. In such events, a maritime lawyer can ensure compensation for a client if the injury was sustained due to negligence on the part of the boat owner or operator.

Perhaps you have been the victim of a boating accident, or your boat has struck and damaged a dock. Maybe you have been injured in a boating accident or inadvertently injured someone else. If you have experienced any of these unfortunate incidents, an experienced maritime lawyer at Fernald & Zaffos can help ensure you are well cared for.

Maritime Law Banner

Our attorneys have represented a family in an on the water incident involving an explosion, assisted a yacht owner in obtaining insurance coverage for a blown pod drive, and defended a marine servicer with respect to negligent repair claims.

Fernald & Zaffos regularly represents boat owners and servicers. Whether the issue involves obtaining insurance coverage for an on the water calamity, defending a negligent service claim, or seeking to recover as a result of personal injuries on the water, our attorneys are well equipped to assist you.

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